May 19, 2012

A Italia!

No new recipe today. Just wanted to let you all know, I'm off to the land of tiramis├╣, pizza, gelato, and Nutella for the next two weeks, in case you wonder why there aren't any new posts during that time.

I'll be visiting Rome, Florence, and Venice, and I was wondering if any of you had any advice in regards to these three cities? Restaurant recommendations, must see places, things to buy, tips for taking the train, etc? All suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

I hope to bring back some Italy-inspired recipes to post. Ci vediamo!


  1. I am jealous:) you will have a great time. In Rome, if at all possible, go around the colloseum on a scooter or by car. It is a much better way to see it than to stand in line with the other tourists. You can also see it from top by driving up to some of the streets nearby overlooking the city (sorry, can't remember any names). Those high streets are also a great place to watch the sunset over the city. In Florence, my only suggestion is to see some of the surrounding landscape. It is so beautiful. Have a fun time!

  2. Cinque terre. Train to la spezia from Florence and then to cinque terre. Just amazing. We're honeymooning there.

  3. Wow have fun! I would recommend 'Navona Notte' (Navona nights) just off the Piazza Navona in Rome and pretty much any gelato place in Venice and Florence, it's very difficult to get bad food there!

  4. Grom, in Florence, an ice-cream parlour with an excellent selection. If it's still there! I was recommended it when I went in 2009.

  5. The best gelato shop in Rome is Old Bridge Gelato. It's a tiny place next to a crepe shop across from the Vatican wall on "Viale dei Bastioni di Michelangelo." (Near the San Pietro Metro stop).

    The gelato/candy shop with the most variety (I counted 70+ flavors) is Della Palma, located near the Pantheon on Via della Maddalena.

    The best museum in Rome (after the Vatican museums and Sistine Chapel) is the Galleria Borghese ( in North Rome. They are very strict about tickets and timing, so read their website for details. You buy tickets in advance, and they give you a time slot when you can tour the museum.

    For restaurants, look for places off the main streets. Don't be afraid to try the fixed price, 4 course meals! Order the house wine at restaurants, if you want wine. For cheap meals, buy bread and cheese at local shops or grocery stores.

    Rome has a 'Flower Market' in the 'Campo dei Fiori' during the weekday mornings with spices, nuts, cheeses, fruit, vegetables, and other things for sale.

    Sorry if that was too much.. can you tell I want to go back?

  6. I was in Rome over winter break, and my absolute FAVORITE restaurant was Trattoria der Pallero in the Campo dei Fiori neighborhood. It is 25 euro (cash only) per person and they just bring you whatever they decide to cook that night including antipasto course, pasta course, meat course, dessert course, wine and tangerine juice. I would highly recommend it! We went there two nights in a row

  7. I live in Rome! I read your blog every week for the news.. You're welcome, I hope you like here! ^_^

  8. Definitely take the boat across the Venice Lagoon to the Lido. Also go and see the amazing masquerade masks being made at one of the many shops. I bought a cat mask years ago from Venice that hangs on my wall and it truly is a work of art. Also, can you squeeze in a visit to Lake Garda as it is wonderful!!

    Sam x

  9. Hey I live in Rome too, I suggest that you don't visit ONLY typical areas like colosseum and the forum... There is so much too see ! Right now the weather isn't the best, but there are many parks to visit by bike, or just walking, like Villa Borghese, Villa Pamphili.
    Then, go visit also museum (unfortunately they're not free) and try to go up Castel Sant'Angelo (a castle that used to be a prison and before the roman emperor residence).
    But above all, go wander the little streets, they hide interesting shops
    Hope you'll see this before you go to Rome.

  10. OH YEAH DON'T FORGET THIS, never ever buy a gelato (ice cream) in the center, cause they make you pay tooooooo much, while it costs only 1.50 or 2 euros. you'll be tricked there.

  11. i have to say it... i can not believe i have never come across your blog before. i seriously think I'm in love, i've looked back through a couple pages of your older posts and i have to say you have made anything and everything one could think of. i'm really happy i found your blog and am going to follow you and i'm seriously going to make the harry potter cake for my sisters birthday, she's a major fan of the books

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  12. Oh I wish I had seen this post before you left for Italy. I am a Culinary Arts student and took my International Cuisine credit as a 2 week semester during May in Italy. I have to ask what your favorite city was? Mine was definitely Firenza. We spent most of our time in the smaller town of Reggio Emilia. I loved Parma a great deal too. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time.

    1. Kim elizabethkennedy190@hotmail.comJuly 7, 2012 at 12:29 PM

      Where did you take your 2 week cuisine credit at in Italy? Thank you for any information.

  13. I am a culinary student at Tarrant County College. Normally International Cuisine is a 16 week course and covers many different cuisines, but this was the first year the class was offered as a mini semester and involved travel. Of course we focused on Italian cuisine only. We took several cooking classes at various Italian cooking schools and also took many food-centric field trips, like to a true balsamic factory, olive oil factory and parmigiano reggiano cheese producer. It was truly an incredible experience.