March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing any green today? Sorry for being MIA these past few weeks; I've been bogged down with schoolwork and midterms. Luckily, next week is spring break, which means I'll finally have time to try out all of my new baking project plans. From Alice in Wonderland to bread baking, Super Smash Bros to Easter goodies, I'm ready to start baking and blogging.

*Edited 3/12/2011
Leprechaun Cookies
sugar cookie dough

Make the dough as indicated in the recipe. Roll the dough out the 1/4" thick. Take a knife and cut out 4x6 cm rectangles. Then, cut out little squares (about 1x1 cm) and use a straw to cut out small circles from the dough scraps. Take the small circles and split them in half with a knife. For each rectangle, about 1/3 the way down from the top, place one dough square on either side, and right underneath, place one semicircle ear on each side. Round the two bottom corners of each cut-out. Bake as indicated in the recipe directions and let cool.

Decorating Leprechauns
sugar cookie icing
green food coloring
orange food coloring
brown food coloring
pink food coloring
yellow food coloring
black food coloring
blue nonpareils

Split up the icing into four bowls, but also save a little on the side. Take that little bit and color it black. Cover and set aside the black icing for now. Tint one of the four bowls green, another orange, another yellow, and the last one peach. To tint peach, add a tiny bit of orange and pink food coloring to the icing. Be sure to cover the icings that you aren't using to make sure they don't dry out.

First, take the green icing and color in the top of green hat of all the cookies. Let them dry. Use the yellow icing the draw buckles. Let dry. Add brown food coloring to the rest of the yellow food coloring and use the now brown icing to draw a brown stripe on the hat and fill in the buckle hole. Wait to dry.

Use the green for the bottom of the hats. Let dry. Use the orange icing to trace out beards with square holes in middle for faces. Wait to dry. Take the peach icing to fill in the faces and shade the ears. Lastly, add two blue sprinkles for eyes and pipe on mouths with the black icing.


  1. Yay, update :-D I'm looking forward to your projects. Your to-do list looks interesting.
    I've never thought a leprechaun could look anything other than creepy, but you did a good job: the cookies are adorable. I like the square form.

  2. These are as cute as can be! I made some too:) I'm sure I don't have to tell you to enjoy your spring break!!!

  3. Jojo: Thanks. Yeah, I've always thought leprechauns were totally creepy. But, who wants a creepy cookie? So I decided to cute-ify them, haha.

    Sue: Hehe, thank you! I'm so exited for spring break. And yay, for leprechaun cookies!

  4. agh so cute :) are there any left?

  5. Steph: Thank you, haha. No more left, only made a few. But you got to eat even cooler cookies that I'll be posting about soon :D.

  6. omg they're so cute!!! how do you make these?!!! you are a GENIUS!!!

  7. Anonymous: Haha, thanks! In words: 1) Top of green hat, 2) Yellow buckle, 3) Brown stripe of hat, 4) Bottom of green hat, 5) Orange beard with square hole in middle for face, 6) Peach face + ears, 6) Blue sprinkle eyes, 7) Piped on black mouth